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Proprietor: Dr R. Bivon

Flint House, Lynn Road

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Special courses
If you are interested in arranging a course for yourself or for a group, please e-mail or ring me for further information. I will need to know how many weeks you wish to study and how many classes per week you require -- 10 or 20 is normal. A class lasts 45 minutes and is usually taught as a double class of 1.5 hours. I will also need provisional dates. I can then give you an estimate of the costs. Moscow is the most expensive city to study in, Tver the cheapest.
To book a course, I will need a completed application form that you can download by clicking on the link on the left. I will also need a scan of your passport and a non-refundable £50 deposit. There is further information at the end of the application form.
Courses can be arranged in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Tver and Yaroslavl. You can find out more details about the courses in Kazan and Tver by clicking on the links on the left.  In Moscow you will study at Language Link, an institute that has been providing high quality Russian language courses for a number of years. The courses in  St. Petersburg are based at the Benedict School, a small friendly organisation that has been providing language courses since the breakup of the Soviet Union. In Yaroslavl you will study at the State University, situated in the centre of this beautiful city in the Golden Ring. All of these centres provide courses for British students of Russian on their year abroad. There are more details on each centre on the RLUS website (
Our centres can also arrange accommodation. This normally is homestay accommodation with breakfast included. Tver can  provide very cheap hostel accommodation, the Benedict School in St. Petersburg can arrange cheap, basic hotel accommodation. You can, if you wish, arrange your own accommodation.
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